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From the Magic Wand of Heather Bleasdell
February 2014


Dear FearLess Friends,

It is very old school of me to be making a website/letter with straight-up HTML. It's also crazy that I know how to do it (barely!) Please excuse the typos - I can't find the spell-check ... and my eyeballs are popping out.

The truth is, I was getting a little too complicated with my website-action, too precious or needing to be "professional" - ugh. So, I decided to simplify - create some old school limitations. Limits are incredibly important to creative workings. They set the stage for innovation and stretching. This is important for expansion. That's what FearLess Journal is all about.

Stretching ourselves past THE KNOWN can feel uncomfortable... sometimes, to the extreme. FearLess Journal doesn't mean without fear, exactly. It means moving with fear or Fear AND Moving. I doubt I'm the first to say - fear is the gateway to potency.

Fearless Journal Heather Bleasdell

To cope with the fear and anxiety that comes with stretching our wings, many of us have used our creativity for "work arounds"... to deal with the nagging of unmet desires. We become over-reasonable, wait for more-better-different time, money, relationship, know-how... to avoid feeling vulnerable. But, it is exactly that - the willingness to feel, to be emotionally authentic and to allow ourselves to be seen as is - that actually brings the joy and satisfaction of feeling fully used. In my work, peace on earth = the ability to embrace the full picture of your self... fear and all. When we take action on root-desires and have the courage to open up to new forms, we are always met. Root Desires = MAGIC SEED energy. High Potency!

“You should never hesitate to trade your cow for a handful of magic beans."
- Tom Robbins, creative author extraordinaire!
His Lifetime Symbol in Tarot is (21) The Universe

Fearless Journal heather bleasdell

Where are you being over-reasonable about pursuing your creative desire?
What would it feel like to move forward? What fear are you now ready to face?


As most folks know, we teach what we are learning.

So along with my wild and facisinating skill-set, I am also a master of avoidance & anxiety. This makes me a great leader in fear-facing. I hide in "perfecting" and "I don't know". In Hand Analysis, my fingerprints place me in two schools, one of which is the School of Wisdom. Basically, I'm here to share the WIZ... but people in this school tend to sit on the fence with "needing to know more" before sharing. It's the perfect set up for suffering, no?

It's the holding on, that causes suffering. It becomes important to remember...


Releasing OUTGROWN IMAGES makes room for...New Ones!


When I was a High School Basketball star, Gumby was my "good luck charm." I had a tiny gumby strapped into my hightops, as well as a 6 foot BLOWUP gumby doll standing on the sidelines at every basketball game. He wore my AWAY team jersey - #10 - The Wheel of Fortune in the Tarot.
What team would NOT be intimidatend by a giant Gumby?

heather bleasdell fearless journal magic

Where are you too flexible, over-giving, over-reasonable?

Where could increased flexibility forward your dreams?


In Magic, we honor our stretching as a way to deepen our connection to source and resource. We honor our breakdowns as ground-breaking for new growth. For every witch knows, it is the letting go that moves us forward. There is always death, before rebirth.

As my friend Leah taught me, when somthing "yucky" appears, say in your sexiest voice - "hello challenge, I've been looking forward to meeting you again...."

I think I added the "sexy voice" part, but laughing helps every time. The only thing we should be worried about, is losing our sense of humor.

heather bleasdell fearless journal magic


What color are you ready to bring out of the Box?

To quote the lyrics from a beloved Brady Bunch episode:

"When it's time to change, it's time to rearrange.
Who you are and what you're goin do
Sha-nanananananana Sha-nananana!"


heather bleasdell fearless journal magic


This was my guiding image for 2012, Year of the water Dragon.
My personal intention?

Friendship with Self

heather bleasdell fearless journal magic

and when you are focused on Friendship with Self, it is safe to bet, that you will mostly be looking at how your are NOT friendly with self. (ew)

After a decade of developing my FearLess Journal process of stirring my magic with art, I added Reading the Signs to the mix and my world exploded in revelation. I am not exaggerating. The Fearless Journal structure delivered BIG RESULTS. Within 3 months I was not only more clear on what & who I was, I was SUPER clear on my big vision and identified where some major renovations (blindspots) needed to happen - being vulnerable, being seen & money hangups. Within 7 months of Reading the Signs, I found the "outside" support I was looking for in a session I did with Denise Dee called "Decide and Take Action." In looking back, I realized I had never/rarely done a session with someone I was not friends with nor with someone who was not recommended by a friend. Hello BLINDSPOTS. What happened during and post than session opened a new world of SEEING and began a wild ride of experimenting with my work and going outside the BOX I had created for myself. I awakened into expanded vision - I literally saw MORE. The more structure I added for this unfolding, the braver I became in facing my fears, following my vision and experimenting with my work. Consequently, I made more money in the last 4 months of 2012, than I had in the previous 8 months. My second daughter turned in the fall of that year


2013 Year of the water Snake

Willing to Get Dirty & Fail

heather bleasdell fearless journal magic

As big as 2012 was for me, 2013 was way bigger - both personally and professionally. It was time to put my vision into action on a bigger scale. I faced the biggest fears of my life and did the things I had been avoiding forever. I also went PUBLIC (it felt like I went pubic!) in many aspects of my work, that I had kept hidden or off to the side. In the Spring, I made the HUGE LEAP of hiring a coach for regular support. I don't spend money lightly and I attract freebies easily. Making an investment of actual money was an extreme act of faith in myself and PAID OFF, literally. I stretched bigtime and the support creates huge opportunities for me. Accoutability is key to movement when fear-facing. I'm not going to lie, 2013 hurt - there was a lot to feel and own about myself and the way I had been "handling" my relationships up until that point. I am someone gifted at stirring the pot... who, for reasons of "tribal safety" will go to great lengths to keep the peace (hide out.) It was time to look at some major blindspots in my own family history - what I was "told to think" about my family and what I felt and saw growing up were radically different. It was time to "leave home" to see clearly, own under-expressed genius, and gather courage by knowing what I was made of... by acting it out. Feeling my pain was not easy, but those FELT experiences left me more free, alive and awake than I have ever felt. I owned a lot - gifts & talents up the wha-zoo, plus I made even more money being MYSELF. Investing in my dream becoming my reality meant investing in a structure of support - this was my GENIUS move of 2013.

heather bleasdell fearless journal magic

heather bleasdell fearless journal magic

2014 Year of the wood Horse

Full Artistry

heather bleasdell fearless journal magic


For me, 2014 is about owning my heat, full engagement - FULL ARTISTRY - focusing my full range of gifts, undiluted potency, and expanded vision into nourishing my mega-seed of desire. As I see it, things will be moving fast and choices will have to be made on the fly. It's good to know where you stand. The Horse supports our hero's journey - the willingness to leave behind old identities, and expand into new territories of knowing ourselves and our purpose - no victims or martyrs here. The Horse as a symbol is associated with personal power, strength, vitality and a willingness to move forward. I say, 2014 is an golden opportunity to pimp your ride and fully take ownership of your unique CHARIOT nature, owning your power to move and change your world! Human history was forever-altered with the introduction of the HORSE-drawn chariot, and so might yours be. Get clear on your preferred future and take the reigns with your choices. Horse & Chariot takes off on the New Moon in Aquarius, aka the rule breaking rebel, on January 30, 2104. This will be a year for wildly authentic ACTION!


heather bleasdell fearless journal magic

At the Heart of Magic is the Symbol

Know your symbols, know your magic.

heather bleasdell fearless journal magic

"The psyche consists primarily of images, and the primary activity of the psyche is imagining. We humans are essentially acts of imagination. Budded from the matrix of the pscyhe, we bloom out of imaginal worlds from which we arise coded in myth and symbol." - Jean Houston

Houston is an author in the human potential movement.
Her Lifetime Symbol in the Tarot is (17) The Star
Radiance and confidence, talent recognized by others!

heather bleasdell fearless journal magic

In FearLess Journal we start with exploring our images (myths/symbols/signs) through process-based art, live action meditation, altar buiding, energy work and Magic practices. Magic begins in the mind. What we believe, we make holy. We paddle life's river with our choices. Strengthening our relationship to our inner world, our deep imagination, and how we SEE/read energy opens up new awarenesses of THE RIVER, and the under-valued/used resources both within and without.

To practice Magic is to put your DESIRES in ACTION. Magic is surprising and fun. It really hits the sweet spot. When you connect with your desire and leave room for The Mystery, all sorts of interesting things appear. Reading the Signs is an action practice - SEE and ACT, see and act, and when strong feelings arise, you feel them. You notice. You work your art & again, you SEE your way forward - see and act repeat.

I have fear of feeling... pain, abandonment, scorn, being shat on, shamed, you name it. That fear keeps me from moving along.

I have desire to express... my gifts, my message, my full artisty, my love of this world and every thing in it - both seen and unseen. This keeps me showing up on a daily basis (with my fear.)

I answer is both, as always.

heather bleasdell fearless journal magic

When it's time to Leave the Pack

At some point, we choose to STAND UP for our self - our DESIRE - and say to the outgrown IMAGE, "this is not a good match for me. I'm tired of waiting for _________ (permission). This is business! I'm ready to know who I am and express my essence fully. I am ready to stand in a new image that resonates with my future self now."

heather bleasdell fearless journal magic

You may have to leave the pack

or, you may have to leave the pack's images


Professor Zappa says

heather bleasdell fearless journal magic

Ridiculous Genius Artist Musician Frank Zappa.
His Lifetime Symbol in the Tarot is (21) The Universe!!!!

What under-exposed gifts lie
hidden in your hairy shadow?

heather bleasdell fearless journal magic

Cartoon by Gary Larson - Genius!!!!
His Lifetime Symbol in the Tarot is (19) THE SUN
So is Maya Angelou!

heather bleasdell fearless journal magic

Soften your Gaze
Let Your Pictures Loosen
Practice Non-dominant Creativity
Own Your Power = Full Potentcy

Take the Wheel of your Imagination

heather bleasdell fearless journal magic

It's time to pull the WILD IMAGINATION out of the parking space.


heather bleasdell fearless journal magic

See Your Way Forward & Start Acting it Out

Shit will come up.
Thank the gods, the primary function of ritual is BALANCE.

That is what is SUPER SPECIAL about FearLess Journal. This may look like an art journaling course, but it's not. This is an experiential course in MAKING MAGIC using your art, desire and fear as fuel! We will be using ALL our senses for multi-sensual Seeing. We will be reading our life, as well as our ART work.

"Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving."
- Albert Einstein's Lifetime Symbol is (6) The Lovers, like myself!
The Art & Craft of Relationships, Child-like curiosity, passion, playfulness

heather bleasdell fearless journal magic

Animate your desires/prayers
through your body, through your hands.

heather bleasdell fearless journal magic

Making art is Stirring Magic

what if

you gave



heather bleasdell fearless journal magic

Swing that Lasso of Truth

Entertain Full Artistry and Ride that Magic Pony HOME!

Get Ready to Start your Altars. A FearLess Journal is a Magic Picture Book. Rather than diminsh in value... like so many things in today's consumer culture, your FearLess Journal's power and significance will grow stronger over time with interaction and reflection.

    For about 6 years, I passed journals as "Traveling Altars" between magic friends, separated by distance. One friend commented that she always looked for her images first, before perusing the work of other magic journalists. I loved this. I related to what she said. The truth is, we are ALL looking for ourselves. Even when we are looking at others.

There are patterns & cycles you are following - regularly - get to know them. This is where your true power resides - see inside out. Make a magic tracking device. Start your Fearless Journal.

        1. Buy a new FearLess Journal (not optional)
        2. Art & Magic Supplies - use what you got, aka McGyvr-style.
        3. Begin drawing out your Dreams....March 3, 2014
heather bleasdell fearless journal magic
artwork by Lisa Congdon

The Universe is not a static thing.
It is in the process of being created all the time - by all of us."

Carol S. Pearson (author)

heather bleasdell fearless journal magic

Creativity Moves

why not

Own Your Heat

Use MORE Creativity on a Daily Basis
i dare you

heather bleasdell fearless journal magic
from Steal like an Artist by Austin Kleon

I bet you have gifts and talents up the whazoo, common and uncommon knowledge, as well as past glory (and gory!) at your fingertips. We are going to mine the sh*t of it. You also have strange knacks, weird attractions, unique body & pscyhic intelligence, and a desire to know/grow deeper.

Those are the NATURAL RESOURCES we want to tap!

Fire up the PSYCHIC JETS! It's time to embark on the Hero's Journey.


heather bleasdell fearless journal magic

"The Visionary Archetype - the relentless power within us that constantly extends an invitation to be who we are - requires the expression of authenticity, vision, and creativity. Writer Gertrude Stein tapped this archetype when she told emerging writers of her time, 'You have to know what you want to get. But when you know that, let it take you. And if it seems to take you off the track, don’t hold back, because perhaps that is instinctively where you want to be. And if you hold back and try to be always where you have been before, you will go dry.' (Fritz, The path of least resistance.)" - via Angeles Arrien

Welcome to the School of Wizness

Though I have been deeply involved in my Magic practice for over 10 years, it's only been in the last 2 that I've identified my unique style. In my work, there is only one answer that is consistent. The answer is always BOTH.

heather bleasdell fearless journal magic

I practice a Lovers-style Magic -NO IMAGES TURNED AWAY. I look and speak to everything. I am a witch afterall, all of life is sacred, inside and out. Can you love the guide that shows up as an angel? Can you speak with the guide that shows up as a devil? Are you willing to take advice from a tree? Talk to a Centaur? Notice the themes of the movies/images/media you like to consume? Scry the Sunday Paper?

You'll hear me say this a lot: mirror-mirror.

heather bleasdell fearless journal magic

We can only see in another, what is also within ourself - good, bad, ugly, purple, fish, kindness, toothbrush...this is the true portal to understanding and expanding.

During FearLess journal we practice owning everything. If everything is connected, moving, made of the same stuff, then everything mirrors our intelligence. GET YOUR MESSAGE. Every guide, every feeling, every interaction, every scribble, every moment. It's all for you. What do you see? What do you notice? What are the themes?

heather bleasdell


Next time you find yourself "searching"... websites, movies, what's next, what's right..... be curious about "the theme" by asking yourself this:

What am I SEARCHING for?
How serious am I?

If I have "a problem" with something (not enough or too much), I make it BIGGER. I go Archetypal. I look for the pattern, the story, the fears. I look at what/who holds the most energy - strong emotion. I dive in.

My daughter Addie(6) has little to say about what happened at Kindergarten, but she has a lot to say about her imaginary life/lives. Rarely do we say "let's pretend". We just chat about her - how things are going with her boss, her clients and how work is moving along. She sees herseld in every part from mom, to teenager, to baby. The other day she told me shewould be attending "Feeling School" because she needs to know her feelings better. She said "It's a place where you meet your feelings." I said - that's a good damn good description of a FearLess Journal! And then I told her to get back to work or her boss might fire her. (But she reminded me that was her old boss Stephanie. Her new boss is much nicer.)

You have to BE your own BEST FRIEND.

Art & Magic can help

heather bleasdell fearless journal magic

In Fearless Journal, we harness our natural, creative powers to animate more of our essense. Our imagination is as unique to us, as our fingerprints. No one can SEE as you do. No one can make your art for you. No one holds a bigger picture of your essence than you do. Magic unlocks imagination, creativity expands it through your body, your ridiculous sensory system, picking up more intelligence along the way. Animate your desire. Step into Vision.

Not every witch rides a broom.

heather bleasdell fearless journal magic

What KIND of WITCH are you?

Let's explore!

+ time to shake the Magic 8 Ball +

Will I follow my dreams...
outside the box?

click the magic 8 ball to find out


Don't Be Shy
Power is fun!
And the good news is,
it comes from within.

Viva La FORCE!

heather bleasdell fearless journal magic

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Spring Intensive Begins March 2014


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